Engaging Front-Line Workers

July 14, 2022

According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report in February, industries like leisure, hospitality, retail, and healthcare have seen higher percentages of front-line employees leaving their jobs, with durable goods/manufacturing and leisure/hospitality facing the biggest shortages.

Increased pressure, long hours, and general uncertainty are leading to burnout. A competitive job market is fueling an intense game of musical chairs as workers seek opportunities for advancement, increased pay and cultures focused on employee well-being.

Front-line workers represent the majority of our workforce but are often the most overlooked and underappreciated. Without face-to-face interaction, even if only at the beginning or end of a shift, and a decrease in team engagement opportunities, many front-line workers are left feeling invisible and underappreciated.

Quite simply, front-line workers aren’t engaged.

HR Professionals Magazine reported in March that a Gallup study showed that employee engagement dropped in 2021 for the first time in a decade.

The article shared, “Engagement is a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organization that influences him or her to be more committed and to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her work.”

An engaged employee feels valued. An engaged employee feels connected. An engaged employee has a heightened emotional connection to work.

These employees are more productive and less likely to miss work or leave their job. In addition, they often serve as valuable recruiters – employers can tap into happy employees for referrals, a strategy that easily can be employed during these wild times.”

The Truvelop app provides a comprehensive, easy way for managers and employees to engage even when they aren’t face-to-face.

With Truvelop, managers can regularly perform employee assessments, which helps them to feel seen and recognized, and offers a way for managers to address issues in real time and provide employees with the support and resources they need quickly.

Truvelop fosters two-way communication, so employees can respond to evaluations or ask for support.

Managers who need their own support, learn how to engage with employees with management cue cards which provide tips for ways to engage based on the employee’s score – are they a high-level performer with potential for advancement, or are they getting by but could benefit from additional training or support?

Both managers and employees can acknowledge wins, big and small, with a Spark or message on the wall that recognizes when someone performs exceptionally or simply took the extra step to address an issue or help a colleague.

These digital acknowledgments along with evaluations are all stored for future reference, and help to foster a culture of community, inclusivity and appreciation.

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