Engaging Hourly Employees

June 16, 2022

Hourly workers make up 60% of the workforce, yet there are few technology solutions to help managers foster engagement and manage the performance of this critical employee base.

Employers across all industries are experiencing high turnover, especially in low- and middle-skilled jobs as an aging workforce retires and younger generations are not entering the skilled labor force.

The retention of existing employees is critical, but many managers lack the coaching skills needed to lead effectively.

Truvelop‘s micro-learning training resources and AI-enabled coaching functionality increase management effectiveness and the number of meaningful touchpoints with employees proven to drive internal talent mobility and retention of top talent.

Everyone on the team can sign into the Truvelop app from any device, at any time- an important convenience for busy field workers who aren’t often near a computer. With this mobile solution, there is no longer a need to wait for an in-person meeting or encounter.

Truvelop’s Spark functionality makes delivering real time feedback in the moment a reality – regardless, of time or location. In addition to providing a flexible and adaptive solution for the performance review process, Truvelop improves meaningful communication between Managers and Employees – a key driver to employee engagement, and retention in a distributed workforce.

According to Gallup, employees whose managers regularly communicate with them are nearly three times more engaged than those with managers who don’t regularly communicate.

When a team member crushes a project deadline or performs exceptionally well under difficult circumstances, the Spark tool will help you share immediate recognition and build a library of those moments for future reference.

Truvelop then provides actionable data-driven insights to guide proactive management responses, effectively coaching your managers into leaders.

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends report, 55% of companies still struggle to effectively use people analytics. And even more lack effective methods of communicating performance metrics to executive leadership.

High-level charts and comment logs allow managers to see individual-, department-, and organization-level ratings and talent insights like never before, enabling executive teams to make data-driven decisions. Truvelop dashboards equip managers with:

  • A visual snapshot of how an individual or team has performed over a period of time
  • The current landscape of In-Play (at risk), A, B, C, and Replacement Player numbers
  • A robust contextual history of Sparks that includes praise, recognition, coaching, goal(s), and more for each individual employee
  • Insight into priority areas of focus in hiring or development

Truvelop is an efficient management solution that increases engagement by consistently providing real time bi-directional feedback and data-driven coaching insights to managers and increasing engagement with a distributed workforce that often feels overlooked and underappreciated.

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