Facilitating a Growth Mindset

March 16, 2022

In March’s Lunch and Learn, Facilitating a Growth Mindset, our users took a deep dive into how they can foster resilience and employee retention by shifting the perspective of their teams.  In an ever-evolving work world, having Team Members who can face challenges with confidence is a trait that helps everyone thrives.  Having even just one Team Member who is stuck in a fixed mindset can slow progress.  In this month’s Lunch and Learn, our users exchanged ideas and best practices for how they can facilitate a growth mindset in their check-in discussions, developing long-term resilience amongst their team.

Throughout the Lunch and Learn, our users kept coming back to three main components of a successful discussion that would facilitate a growth mindset: focusing on the process, celebrating learning takeaways, and honesty.

Focusing on the Process: Obviously we want the outcome to be as desired.  However, sometimes we don’t always get the win.  That doesn’t mean that the work was a complete loss.  When we focus on the process, Team Members can take their work one step at a time, helping to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.  Additionally, by focusing on the process, Team Members can fine-tune their skills, helping them to get the win the next time around.

Celebrating Learning Takeaways:  Similarly to focusing on the process, reflecting on learning takeaways helps to place the focus on development and growth.  Whether you are reflecting on the learning takeaways during or after a project or performance period, these learning moments can be celebrated and used to drive intentional progress.

Honesty:  One concept that our users considered was the balance between toxic positivity and a growth mindset.  It’s important that Managers consider what the Team Member is actually voicing rather than just brushing it under the rug or saying, “don’t worry – you’ve got this.”  Instead, Managers can acknowledge that a situation is difficult, work with the Team Member to understand their barriers, and make a plan that will support the Team Member to success.  Being honest about a situation and acknowledging that it is difficult can go a long way in building trust with a Team Member.

This Lunch and Learn drove meaningful conversations that exchanged ideas and best practices.  Our Managers walked away with a new perspective and can go into their next check-in with confidence with the help of our Growth Mindset Reflection guide.  With retention continuing to be a top priority, having a resilient team is more important than ever, and having Managers who can facilitate resilience and engagement can determine an organization’s success.

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