Fostering Inclusion in Remote Work Times

October 29, 2020

Having to manage a team is already a tough job, and now with remote work, it has become even more difficult. Face-to-face interactions really make a difference, as everything is more personable. However, with employees now being spread out across countless work-from-home locations, it’s so much harder to connect, communicate, and work collaboratively. With these three easy steps, you can help your employees feel more included no matter where they are working.

  1. Encourage Participation: Truvelop posts regularly about the importance of providing employee feedback and using our employee review and appraisal tool to foster continual connection through development focused feedback. However, it is just as important for employees to have a voice and offer their feedback as well. These days with everyone connecting on Zoom calls it’s easy to get lost in the mix. It’s up to managers and team leads to solicit feedback and encourage participation in meetings and open discussions, especially during remote times. 
  1. Create Connections: Connecting with your coworkers is important for your employees’ mental health and work productivity, but also for fostering a true team environment. Creating the time to have remote team building will create a more comfortable virtual workspace. It will also prepare your employees for entering back into the office when the time permits, as it will help create a healthy team bond. 
  1. Resolve Conflict: Employees tend to rely on their managers or HR to resolve tough issues. And managers tend to encourage their people to try and resolve things on their own. Obviously, it depends on the circumstance especially when employees are no longer in the office. Employees need reassurance that their problems are still just as important and are a priority for the management team. Being able to show your employees that the only thing that has really changed is physical proximity will go a long way in keeping team members feeling engaged, included and heard.

Fostering a culture of inclusivity is a key driver to helping employees feel connected and truly part of their company. Encouraging participation, building stronger connections, and effectively handling conflict are three things you can do today to promote inclusivity as part of a broader workforce performance management strategy remotely.

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