Fostering Team Communication Inside the App

March 4, 2021

Keeping lines of communication open among a team is challenging in a remote environment. It can be difficult to communicate effectively through email, Slack channels, and virtual project management tools. In-person team meetings, chats over a cubicle wall, celebratory lunches and happy hours all offer opportunities for employees to communicate in real time, recognizing each other’s accomplishments, and seeking support as needed.

As the pandemic has evolved, some companies have succeeded in building a virtual environment that mimics the office world, using Zoom and other virtual conferencing platforms to host daily or weekly team meetings or collaborative work time. But for many companies, employees are isolated, working independently from home or one of a few people in the office on a rotating schedule. Managers check in on progress but the sense of being part of a team is lost.

Truvelop offers managers an opportunity to engage with employees in real time and evaluate and recognize their employees’ development and production with performance management software. It also offers several ways to foster communication among teams.

When a manager provides feedback to an employee using Truvelop’s Spark feature, they can take this one step further and post a note of praise or encouragement on Recognition Wall.

Truvelop’s Recognition Wall is a social media-like function within the app. Posting to the Wall is not limited to managers. Team members can recognize one another, and comment and react to recognitions of fellow team members building a sense of community even for remote employees.

Engaging employees in decision-making is important to fostering trust. In a pre-COVID environment, a manager might present to his/her team potential new changes or ideas for feedback. In a remote environment, this can be difficult to do efficiently. That’s why last year Truvelop developed a Survey feature a few months into the pandemic. This provides managers with an easy way to gauge interest or gain feedback on a new idea, project or policy. Surveys are completely customizable and flexible where the survey itself or specific questions can be made mandatory or optional.

Truvelop is more than a performance evaluation tool. It provides managers with multiple ways to effectively engage with employees to boost morale and improve employee retention.

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