Fostering Two-Way Communication

August 4, 2022

Engagement. Flexibility. Well-being. Professional Development. Managers are increasingly pressured to find ways to retain talent, but too often are left to make assumptions, try a few approaches and see what works. There is one easy step that employers overlook – ask the employees.

When managers assume to know what is best for their employees, they lose respect and damage the manager-employee relationship. Employees want to feel valued and the best way to do that is to foster a strong two-way communication system.

In an interview with HR Executive, Jon Barney, head of aerospace, defense and national security for Odgers Berndtson, shared, “People want to be able to make their own choices and feel empowered. Where the schism is: You’re saying come into the office, however, people start to realize the cost of commuting. Well, it’s a lot. You look at the price of gas, $5 a gallon, buying a wardrobe, buying food when you come into the office, childcare and all those other issues, you look at that trade-off and it’s pretty significant. That’s where giving people the autonomy to make those decisions is becoming increasingly important. It’s going to be a competitive advantage for companies that can think that through strategically.”

With the Truvelop app, managers can plan and execute communication efforts with the entire team, and document all the data for future reference. And because the Truvelop app is accessible anywhere on a mobile device, it’s a great tool for managers of front-line workers and distributed workforces.

Here are a few suggestions for how to use the Truvelop app to communicate effectively with your team:

  • The Survey feature provides managers with an easy way to monitor how employees are feeling or to gain feedback on a new idea, project or policy. It is also a good way to solicit new ideas which can make employees feel valued and empowered.
  • The Spark feature not only allows managers to provide feedback to the employee, but also gives the employee the opportunity to respond.
    • In addition to the Spark feature, managers and employees can post a note of praise or encouragement on Recognition Wall building a sense of community even for front-line employees.
  • In order to develop authentic relationships with employees, managers should plan for regular conversations with employees to establish trust and rapport – don’t just wait for a scheduled team/project meeting. Before starting a conversation with a team member though, reflect on what you know about them so the employee feels recognized and valued.

When managers establish trusted, two-way communication with their teams, all the best practices for retention can be implemented with ease and authenticity.

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