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An Employee Review & Performance Management Solution For An Engaged, Productive Workforce.

Now more than ever, employee feedback is essential to managing a team in today’s complex work environment. Truvelop is a SaaS solution that allows your organization to generate measurable ROI with seamless employee reviews, performance management, and development resources that are proven to drive engagement.

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Truvelop for Leaders:

Truvelop’s performance management tool gives leaders and managers critical data and visibility into metrics in the employee review and talent management process. Streamline organizational initiatives requiring a comprehensive approach.

Truvelop for HR Professionals:

Truvelop gives HR professionals powerful, easy-to-use tools that help support a high performing culture with valuable insight into trends, strengths, and talent gaps across the organization to inform important training and development initiatives

Truvelop for Team Members:

Allow team members to know where they stand in real time and gain a fundamental understanding of how managers see their role and contribution. Identify and track career development paths and track their success on those paths.

Truvelop Works for B2B and B2C Companies.

For many businesses, working from home became the perfect response. But what about essential businesses and organizations? For Upper Chesapeake Health, Truvelop was the perfect solution.
With the majority of their 73 employees working in the field, it wasn’t feasible for Walter Electric to conduct evaluations on a more frequent basis. That’s where Truvelop came in. View Case Study
Our very first customer to adopt our continuous performance management and development methodology was First Financial Credit Union. We’re proud to report that we’re still working together to this day!

 Thousands of leaders and managers trust Truvelop to empower their workforce.


Learn how Truvelop can help employees, managers, and teams perform.

Truvelop for Mobile

How to Evaluate a Team Member

Employees are starving for real time feedback. Truvelop is easy to use and encourages employee/manager engagement and records these valuable conversations to track trends in performance.

Kathy Humm

Director of Human Resources, Harkins Builders

When you are in field operations, time is a luxury and teams tend to forget about the employees that are in remote locations. Truvelop has been a great and easy tool that is helping us create the habit of constant feedback to all employees, anywhere they are, making us process-think about their good qualities and ways to guide them to get better.

Rene Brunal

VP of Operations, CleanOffice

The Truvelop team is engaging, willing and able. We know that we have a partner that we can discuss ideas with, assist us in execution, and considers feedback important. The ability to have interactive training and know that our requests will be met with a willingness of “sure, no problem” is extremely valuable to us.




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About Us

Broadcaster Gerry Sandusky and HR legend Lisa First-Willis created Truvelop by leveraging the sports evaluations process for real time employee reviews. Truvelop is the result of thousands of test cases, academic research & validation, and customer feedback leading to a solution for evaluating and developing talent on a sliding scale. We’ve assembled the dream team to solve employee review problems and help managers build stronger teams.

Lisa First-Willis

Lisa First-Willis

President and CEO

Gerry Sandusky

Gerry Sandusky



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