Friday Five: Keeping Teams Connected & Interacting in Remote Times

September 4, 2020

“Managers…no longer dread monthly skillset assessments because they have all their data ready to go from using the Truvelop tool on a daily basis… It is a revolutionary system for our company, and we have been recommending it to everyone we network with and know.”
-Kelly Cullum, Owner, Best Friends Fur Ever

In what appears to be the “here to stay” environment of remote and virtual work, most employees feel disconnected and out of touch with their team(s). Team-to-team communication is what finishes projects, keeps productivity high, and keeps teams together. Check out this week’s Friday Five on keeping your teams feeling connected:

  1. Consistency: Keeping a stable form of communication simplifies and saves time for your team members and managers. Would you want to talk to different people on separate phone calls at the same time? Make it a company standard for everyone to use the same communication outlet. This prevents confusion, miscommunication and makes talking to your team members as easy as possible. Truvelop’s Knowledge Center can provide guidance and tips on establishing consistent communication.
  1. Communication: Speaking of communication, make sure to keep it effective and useful. Think about having a “company channel” on your communication platform. This would include all team members and be a place of collaboration for your company. This brings your open door policy to everyone’s home in this virtual work environment. Truvelop’s “Permissions and Dimensions” configuration capability enables you to promote open communication – with custom audiences. You can determine who sees what, who is informed of what – and many other precise means of adapting virtual communication to a corporate landscape.
  1. Collaborate: Has your team been stuck? Writers block or nothing happening in your brainstorm? Bring other teams into the fold, and welcome any and all ideas. More perspectives can produce answers or generate the results you need. Connecting with team members can reap ongoing rewards. Truvelop’s new “Surveys” lets you collaborate with and solicit feedback and answers to any question you or the management team may have. All within our mobile app, surveys are 100% customizable, and data can all be exported. And employees can rest assured only their manager will see their response.
  2. Connection: Having real conversations with your teams and organization will bring everyone closer. Schedule regular meetings (weekly, biweekly, etc.) and get them on the calendar. Scheduled events keep people engaged and prepared. Discuss accomplishments, future projects, potential problems and solutions, and day-to-day happenings. And of course, continue employee reviews and appraise, motivate and develop your people. Truvelop’s “My Wall” allows managers and employees to share accolades and celebrate accomplishments with their colleagues via a social live feed.
  3. Constructive Conversations: Nearly every type of communication and discussion is important for a well-rounded company. Healthy debate in particular is needed to make tough decisions and cultivate innovation. These debates can include team leaders, members, C-suite, etc. Mix it up and ensure a safe space for ideas. Make sure to keep the debate and topics more constructive than destructive to prevent frustration and potential miscommunication. And when possible, try to provide individual feedback. Truvelop’s Spark! feature gives managers an on-the-fly, immediate way to provide feedback with the app.

Keep interactions high and with these tips, your company can perform as usual – or even better! Visit to learn more about how Truvelop can help you navigate 2020’s new normal of remote workforce management.