Friday Five: The Job Security Conversation

May 8, 2020
Every week the unemployment numbers become more and more staggering. Furloughs, reductions in force and layoffs are abundant regardless of company size or stature. The result — employees are left questioning their own job security. As leaders, it is our job to balance providing reassurance without making promises we can’t keep.

This week’s Friday Five is five basic tips to tread the fine line between reassurance and reality.
1. Be honest.
  • As soon as you know, try and share that information. The faster you can inform your team, the faster they can figure out what their options are and start planning accordingly.
2. Give time frames.
  • If you know when, tell them. If you know for how long, tell them. This is important. If people know you’re planning to bring them back at a certain point, they can best plan how to allocate their resources and finances.
3. Offer support.
  • Navigating unemployment and government stimulus and assistance is a hot mess right now. Encourage your HR teams to educate themselves, and maybe even hold webinars or training sessions. This level of supportive engagement will go a long way.
4. Brainstorm options.
  • Talk to your team leads, and have them talk to their teams. You may have more options than you thought. Job sharing has become a viable option for some employers to prevent layoffs. Embrace creativity.
5. Stay connected.
  • No matter what, even if you have to temporarily shut down, try and stay connected. Have check-ins. Communicate updates (email or otherwise). And encourage your people to stay connected to each other as well.
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