Friday Five: The pandemic can go! But what should stay?

May 29, 2020

Everything about our world has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And change can have a negative connotation. However with change comes growth and transformation. Are there things you wish would stay? This week’s Friday Five is all about the work-life changes brought about by the Corona virus that we think are worth keeping around!

  1. Remote Work: I think we can all agree that working from home has been a nice change of pace. Spending more time with family, no more commute stress, and much more outdoor time. Saving commute time alone has shown increased productivity and response time. In fact, many companies have been discussing a more robust and flexible remote work schedule, rather than requiring a return to the office full-time. And with today’s technologies – including the Truvelop app – employees and managers can stay connected, motivated, and productive, regardless of location or proximity.

  2. Communication Standards: Communicating with your colleagues has probably changed, but in the best way! Companies are communicating in a variety of different, more productive ways, that are proving much more effective. Team members are checking in more often, conducting more voice and video chats and getting more comfortable on camera! And with better communication comes increased appraisals and accolades. Truvelop’s Spark feature allows for and promotes real time communication of employee accomplishments and opportunities at any time.
  3. Prepared Precaution: Coming into work sick is really never again going to be an option. With community-spread illness now a common phrase, companies are going to be leveraging contact-tracing apps, temperature checks, and regular health check-ins as a prerequisite to returning to work – pandemic or not (flu season, for example). Truvelop partner, MyHealthyWork, is an app-based solution that enables companies to require their employees to “check in” before they come into work – helping to ensure the health and safety of their coworkers and clients. These apps and systems are going to become commonplace.
  4. Illness Precautions: Speaking of working while sick, COVID-19 whipped us into shape. Going to work with a cold was expected quite often, as many leaders chose a fear-based management style – meaning you showed up no matter what. The pandemic has brought to light the dangers here, and as a result productivity and morale is actually up in some organizations. Companies are leveraging technologies and tools to stay connected and engaged with their teams. In fact, since March 15, 2020 (the onset of the pandemic in the US, our Truvelop clients have been reporting near 100% manager utilization of the Truvelop app, with hundreds of employee assessments completed – meaning managers are staying connected to employees, with the tools to motivate and develop people no matter where they are.
  5. Work Dynamics: When we do all return to the physical office, things are going to be different. More open-door policies are bound to pop up after the pandemic. Flexible telework will be more acceptable. But overall, communication protocols have and should continue to change for the better. Apps like Truvelop keep managers empowered to communicate with and engage with their teams – remote or in person. Meaning employees will always know how they’re doing – and managers will know how to keep them inspired.

Companies have grown and evolved over the past several months. Open communication, trusted remote work, and a priority in health and safety are all good things! And as we always say, we are here to keep the momentum going. Visit to learn more!