Friday Focus: Client Success Best Friends Fur Ever

June 26, 2020

Best Friends Fur Ever (BFFE), a dog daycare facility with over 80 employees came to Truvelop for help in managing an ever-growing multi-location team.

Kelly Cullum, owner and CEO of BFFE faced the classic challenge of a business and a workforce growing faster than she could keep track of. Her company offers premiere dog daycare and boarding services, as well as premier training and grooming.

Her industry represents a workforce and a product that is on the move. Feedback becomes a key challenge when you have a team of 85 employees in multiple locations caring for more than 5,000 dogs throughout the year – culminating in over 61,000 dog visits annually.


Kelly came to Truvelop seeking a solution that would merge their old approach – practically everyone’s old approach, a manual checklist, with today’s technology. Truvelop literally and figuratively transformed BFFE’s employee evaluation process from a heavy lift to easy engagement – engagement the staff embraced as they saw how easy the app-based, mobile solution is to use – no matter where you are.

BFFE began leveraging Truvelop in the spring of 2019, and has been at the forefront of numerous feature releases and advances. The majority of employee assessments are done through the mobile app, with employee assessments taking place on average once every 16 days. And the Permission, Dimension and Team features have allowed them the flexibility to organize their team members according to their complex organizational structure with multiple managers managing different team members depending on the shift and schedule.

The increased engagement coupled with more frequent, easy-to-use employee assessment tools gave way for the time to observe and report accolades on the fly – without the need for an evaluation. Truvelop’s Spark feature gives managers and trainers the chance to capture those moments in real time and provide instantaneous feedback to employees in the moment – when it counts. Spark truly changed the nature of BFFE evaluations, feedback — and relationships. 

During the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, BFFE managers completed over 200 assessments and over 150 Sparks. At a time when the economy and business world were in state of uncertainty, BFFE was able to stay connected to their employees, while generating essential information about team member talent and statistics for ongoing development and engagement – regardless of location or proximity – as well as client growth. BFFE also enjoyed regular one-on-one calls with the Truvelop team for additional insight into how teams were performing, and what Truvelop was revealing.


“Managers have commented that they no longer dread the monthly skill set assessments because they have all their data ready to go from using the Truvelop tool on a daily basis. All the subjectivity is gone with actual daily input on each employee captured in the Truvelop system.” Kelly Cullum – Owner, Best Friends Fur Ever 


Kelly and her team leads are able to login to the Truvelop app and at any time, use the dashboard to see every employee’s score, score percent change, and grade – which they can then use corresponding resources in the Knowledge Center to improve and motivate.


After incorporating Truvelop into their HR and employee evaluation and development protocols, BFFE is seeing improved employee performance, manager communication, and overall team engagement. In the first week of April, BFFE reported a 1,200% increase in app usage, while in the first week of May, a 2,000% increase in usage. During the same time frame, there was a 400% and 150% increase in Spark usage, respectively.


Best Friends Fur Ever is seeing proven, actionable results with Truvelop. We’d love to show you how it can work for you. Contact us today to schedule a demo: