Client Success: Walter Electric

August 13, 2020

The world has changed a lot since October 2019 when Walter Electric enlisted the services of Truvelop. Our relationship started when the electrical contractor decided it was time to replace their dated employee performance review process. Up until that point, the business got by using a paper-based yearly evaluation system. With the majority of their 73 employees working in the field, it wasn’t feasible to conduct evaluations on a more frequent basis.

That’s where Truvelop came in. Our question became the following: How do you manage a workforce that’s in the field and doesn’t necessarily come to home base every day? Of course, the more evaluations, or data points, the better. But how do you obtain those? The solution for Walter Electric was implementing Truvelop’s mobile app.

Before using our mobile app, they had a total of 73 data points per year for the entire company to evaluate employee performance. We first implemented the app in October, and Walter Electric used it steadily throughout the rest of the year. By the end of 2019, the business had logged 79 total employee assessments. Not bad! Because of the app, the business now has 600 data points to pull from since January 1, 2020 alone. In other words, they now obtain nearly the same amount of data points in one week that they previously obtained in one year.

Walter Electric’s use of the app skyrocketed when the initial COVID-19 shutdown took place back in March. As an essential business, they remained operational during the shutdown. The new social distancing guidelines would’ve made their previous review process nearly impossible to implement, but the app allowed the business to continue flourishing amidst a period of uncertainty.

Of the 600 assessments collected this year, 434 of them have occurred since the shutdown began. Using the mobile app, managers now can visit multiple work sites, evaluate employees, capture and deliver observations in real time. Even amidst a pandemic, the business has managed to drastically improve communication amongst their entire team. Tracy Webster, Office Manager for Walter Electric, said it best: “We have experienced an increase in employee engagement and communication with everyone in the organization.” We are happy to report that 100% of the management team at Walter Electric is now routinely utilizing the app.

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