Friday Focus: Keeping Morale High in Times of Social Distancing

July 10, 2020

As working from home stretches into its fourth month, with potentially no end in sight, morale is becoming a primary concern of many businesses. Managers aren’t sure how to boost it virtually, let alone how their people are actually feeling.

Truvelop has created some amazing communication tools within our employee appraisal app designed to uncover, and combat any potential morale issues.

1. Be flexible:  Giving your team and team members more flexibility can yield amazing results for staying remote. For parents, trying to work full-time, parent full-time, and teach full-time is not easy. Work hours are having to shift. Zoom calls with a 3rd grade class are taking priority over a weekly 11a team call. With increased flexibility, comes better work-life balance, comes a better workday. Conducting regular employee assessments with the Truvelop tool will provide the info managers need to give their people the flexibility and resources to excel, and reduce some of the unease that pandemic-time work has brought. While you can’t eliminate that anxiety, you can boost morale with regular reviews and motivation.

2. Celebrate everything: Using streamlined communication will keep everyone on the same page and keep team members up to date with the happenings of the office. And while we know everyone will always use email, text, chat, and more – find a single platform for celebration. Truvelop’s new My Wall social feature is a great place to highlight successes of the week or month, and create an ongoing chat about recent Sparks, give praise to team members and celebrate large and small wins.

3. Check in:  Aligning with your team members about the next quarter is important, but lending an ear is just as important. Staying connected and engaged with co-workers will create a better work environment for everyone. Don’t force it, but offer it. Not everyone is quarantined with a family. Some are home alone, and in need of an outlet. Planned virtual social events can motivate and bring team members together. Zoom happy hours are a great way to have a drink with colleagues and not worry about driving home!

Teams is a Truvelop feature that truly brings team members together. Use this to your advantage. Grouping work friends together can increase productivity and overall morale.

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