Friday Focus: Planning for a Return to Normal

June 5, 2020

Planning a “return to normal” is something we’ve all been thinking about. But as that picture changes almost every day, it’s difficult to make a plan, let alone an implementation timeline for returning to the workplace. It’s hard to tell what post-pandemic life will look like, but some companies have already decided, like Twitter, to allow employees to work from home indefinitely.

Twitter isn’t the first or only company to make this announcement and there will likely be more in the coming months. I think we have seen over the past three months that remote work can be as productive or in some cases more productive, but can also leave some employees feeling disconnected and isolated.

This week’s #FridayFocus is about what to consider as you develop your post-pandemic workplace strategy:

  1. Consider your options: As you evaluate the timeline for returning to the workplace consider whether to return at all. If your employees have been productive for the most part and you have been able to sustain business operations during the pandemic, then why rush back into the office? Perhaps the office of the future is one where employees come together to work on special projects or meet in person with clients as needed. Be willing to adapt and respond to the ever-evolving workplace experience.
  2. Give employees a say: Employees who have pre-existing conditions and employees who have day care challenges during the summer months may not be in a position to return to the workplace right now. Therefore, understanding each employee’s personal situation is important. One size does not fit all and being flexible will be key. A recent feature added to the Truvelop App is the ability to survey employees. Ask employees about their preferences and their challenges, and solicit recommendations for returning to the workplace. Don’t assume you know what your team members need or desire, ask them instead!
  3. Keep communicating: If your Leadership team is unsure about the timing of returning to the workplace – then say so! Keep the lines of communications open. Frequent messaging is important to ease employee uncertainty and builds trust. One of my favorite Truvelop features is the ability to give (and receive) feedback in real time using Spark. We recently upgraded our Spark feature with Ignite – a new feature that ignites frequent, open, and effective communication. This functionality is valuable regardless of where an employee is working.

We’d love to demo Truvelop for you and talk more about how we can help you navigate these challenges, and improve employee engagement and performance. Visit to learn more!