Friday Focus: Truvelop’s Features Showcase

July 17, 2020

Truvelop has a variety of proven features that can provide your team with engaging and actionable communication and motivation tools. Below is a highlight of our most used features, as well as the underdogs – the ones we love that don’t yet get enough attention. Check it out and comment below with your favorite!

Most Used:

1. Truvelop Assessments: 

Our tried and true Truvelop employee assessments are the cornerstone of our tool. Truvelop was created AS this tool. With hundreds of data points analyzed every assessment, your employee’s score will be assessed by the Truvelop algorithm and generate an action plan for that person, based on their individual needs as well as your overall plan for their career path. 

This is only a sneak peek of the questions in the assessment. It includes multiple sections and many more scientifically proven questions. You can also leave comments and upload attachments.

2. Spark:

While Spark did not launch with Truvelop, once it did, it quickly became a popular and powerful feature.

Spark truly let you assess and praise a team member on the fly. With dozens of options to customize your Spark, you can highlight any and every accolade and accomplishment. Sparks can be recorded whenever you want, wherever you are  – as often as you want.

3. My Wall: 

Our most recent release is My Wall – our social feature. Should you or the employee choose, Sparks can be shared socially on someone’s Wall as a way of giving that person company-wide attention – without the need for a company-wide meeting.



1. Knowledge Center:

The Knowledge Center is pivotal to success. The assessments only do so much. The Knowledge Center arms you with what you need to motivate and develop your teams. Filled with detailed insights, podcasts, blog entries and more, this resource center is the tool you should be visiting multiple times a day.

This is a just a small taste of the Truvelop Knowledge Center. Our website also features tips and tricks for managers, but once you dive in you’ll recognize the need for our entire solution.

2. Surveys:

One of our newest features is our Survey Tool. This is a quick and easy feature that can be leveraged to ask your entire company countless questions – from what kind of Zoom happy hour to have, to what a rebrand should look like. The options are endless.


We want to shed more light on this feature because of its potential for gathering useful information about your team members. Surveys let you collaborate with and solicit feedback and answers to any question you or the management team may have. All within our mobile app, surveys are 100% customizable, and data can all be exported. And employees can rest assured only their manager will see their response. Combined with our other popular features, Surveys are becoming a pivotal tool for boosting communication and bringing teams together.


Stay tuned to our site, our Knowledge Center, and our blog as we announce new features. And please reach out at any time with questions, to request a demo – and to get started.