Giving Thanks to Give It Your All

November 10, 2021

Earlier today, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted November’s Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn.  This month’s topic was all about Giving Thanks to Give It Your All. With the holidays quickly approaching, our team wanted to take a moment to reflect and give thanks. Practicing regular gratitude has been shown to improve physical and mental health, strengthen relationships, and decrease stress. With so many positives associated with expressing gratitude, we decided to highlight some examples of how Managers can express gratitude to their team, to their organization, and to themselves.  Juliana finished the Lunch and Learn with a guided gratitude meditation, leaving everyone feeling a bit more centered and refocused for their afternoons.

The Effects of Expressing Gratitude

As our Lunch and Learn attendees can attest, practicing gratitude has been shown to have immediate and long-term positive physical effects.  From increased sleep time and quality of sleep and decreased blood pressure, to increased time spent exercising and decreased depression symptoms, regularly practicing gratitude can increase our quality of life.

Expressing regular gratitude can also have positive effects in the workplace.  Managers who regularly practice gratitude have been shown to have stronger decision-making abilities, greater patience, stronger sense of purpose, and reduced team turnover.  In a period where the employee experience is taking priority, having Managers who can effectively and efficiently boost Team Member confidence, motivation, and engagement is crucial.  Gratitude can be part of that approach.

Gratitude Three Ways

In the Lunch and Learn, our users shared ideas and examples for what it can look like to share gratitude to their teams, gratitude to their organization, and gratitude to themselves:

  • To the Team:  It was a common theme in the responses from the participants that asking their Team Members what they were most proud of from the week is a great way to open the conversation about gratitude.  By focusing on progress and what the Team Member’s impact is, we can come together and celebrate the Team Member’s successes. 
  • To the Organization:  Reflecting on what one enjoys most about their organization is a great way to remind themselves of their purpose and their “why.”  Why did I go into this field in the first place?  What about my role do I enjoy most?  What about our brand am I most proud of?  To get the ball rolling, attendees agreed to post a thread to their organization’s Recognition Wall in Truvelop and get their teams to share what they enjoy most about their company.  
  • To Themselves:  Expressing kindness towards oneself is an easily forgotten part of gratitude.  Taking a few minutes to reflect on one’s personal successes and unique skills is an easy way to take a step back and remind oneself of the progress achieved.  

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated.  Incorporating gratitude into our daily routine is a great way to boost motivation, engagement, and remind ourselves of the purpose and mission.

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