Good Habits to Navigate Turbulent Times

April 7, 2020

Three weeks into isolation isn’t long enough to make working from home feel like second nature for most people. But three weeks is long enough to begin developing some new habits.

You can help your employees develop winning habits working from home by setting a clear, consistent example.

In times like these where we receiving new information daily, and in some cases hourly, we can develop the bad habit of moving from one quick decision to another, without a clear, vision driven path supporting decisions. That kind of frenzy will confuse your team. It is crucial in high stress times to think about how your decisions and actions as a leader will be interpreted by team members—especially when fear remains such a driver for so many people.

Take the time to develop the habit of seeing your decisions and actions from the perspective of the people who look to you for leadership.

While we must remain ready to act based on a changing and uncertain landscape, we can still do it with poise. Think of the way a pilot speaks to the plane during times of turbulence. If the pilot stays poised, the passengers are still uncomfortable but they remain positive that they’ll get through the turbulence.

Here are some good habits to build poise in times of turbulence:

  • Increase the frequency of communication and reinforce priorities.
  • Encourage your team to accept and embrace change.
  • Build a better team. Make hiring and developing top talent a top priority to strengthen retention.
  • Notice good work and and let team members who are doing good work know that you see and appreciate it.
  • Recognize and reward teamwork, not just individual work.
  • Make your team responsible and accountable and remember people do what you inspect – not what you expect.

Truvelop can help your team share real time feedback, increase engagement, and improve communication. We are here to help you move through turbulent times with our modern approach to performance management and development and how it solves retention.