Grow Efficiently with AI

April 16, 2024

At Truvelop, we know that change isn’t just manager-driven. Employees have the ability to drive their own experience and create an environment that inspires growth and engagement. That’s why Truvelop sends out monthly Truvelop Tips directly to the employees of each of our clients. Here’s an excerpt from April’s Employee Truvelop Tip: Grow Efficiently with AI.

Happy April! This month, we will be exploring how you can leverage AI to level up your performance. AI is developing at an incredibly rapid pace, so it may feel a bit overwhelming. That said, there is a place for AI in performance development. Let’s get started!

There are a lot of different avenues that you can apply AI when it comes to performance development. However, one piece to keep in mind is that AI should never replace in person conversations. It can help you to outline or strategize a best approach for that conversation, but it shouldn’t be something you share word for word as that becomes inauthentic. Here are a few examples of how you might leverage AI today to advocate for your growth and see strategic, efficient development.

  • Create meaningful goals. With generative AI, you can input your KPIs and personal aspirations and create a meaningful, strategic goals that aligns both your personal and professional goals. Be sure to share the outline with your manager, so that you can collaborate on any tweaks.
  • Use Truvelop’s AI-generated Evaluation summaries to open a conversation with your manager around what’s going well and what can be improved regarding your performance. Again, these summaries aren’t meant to replace in-person conversations, but instead open a meaningful, collaborative discussion around what’s next.
  • Leverage generative AI to gather ideas on how to best navigate a difficult scenario. Be sure to input clear instructions, as the output is only as strong as the input. Try asking for clarifications or a different approach if the first output isn’t what you’re looking for.

Ultimately, AI is just another tool. It isn’t meant to replace our human interactions, but can instead make them more efficient and meaningful when used correctly. How will you use AI in the workplace?

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