Grow with Purpose

November 21, 2023

Last week, our Customer Success Team led another Lunch and Learn for the managers in our user community. In  Grow with Purpose, we had some great discussions around purpose driven leadership and how managers can create a purpose-led culture to support personal and professional growth for their employees.

Organizations that have clearly defined mission and impact statements are more likely to have better engagement, have better resilience, attract top talent, and retain that talent.  When employees feel like they are making a difference, they are going to be more bought in. Managers are in a unique position to bring the organization’s mission and values to life. If the manager believes in working with purpose and highlighting the individual impact and their importance to larger mission, then their team is going to feel valued and inspired to perform at their full potential. When employees know their efforts matter and are making a positive impact, then they’re going to be more invested in the process and outcome.

One way that managers can connect purpose to performance, is by leveraging WOOP. WOOP stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, and Plan and is a great exercise for setting meaningful goals and planning for success. When employees can bring a human element into their aspirations, then their goals become more tangible and feel more meaningful. Additionally, when organizations/managers/individual employees can plan for any obstacles to success, the user becomes more resilient and can more easily achieve their goals.

As teams prepare for year-end, it’s important that they start defining what’s next. Instead of just setting a performance goal to check the box, managers should try bringing meaning and intention into their next goal-setting exercise. Employees deserve to feel valued and know that their work matters. By adopting a purpose-driven leadership style, managers can create the best possible employee experience for 2024.

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