December 16, 2020

The world of performance reviews is changing, as many companies are moving toward more frequent performance reviews. Rather than providing feedback to an employee once or twice per year many employers are adopting a continuous performance management methodology. This is great news for employees as studies show that most employees prefer real time feedback and despise the annual review process as it adds little to no value for the employee. The following are some recommendations for employees to help them adjust to a more frequent, modern approach to employee assessments and improve performance at the same time.

  1. Request feedback: If you are an employee that has a desire to have continuous growth at work, but find yourself wondering where to even start, consider asking your manager or team leader for feedback. Sometimes, as employees, you may forget that the power is also in your hands to solicit feedback and schedule these conversations with your manager to better yourself. This may seem like a hard conversation to push with your manager but is an important part of your growth and development. Ultimately, open and honest two-way conversations build relationships. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.
  1. Set goals and track progress: Create a plan and stick to this plan until you fully reach your desired goal. This is an important practice as it helps to provide you with personal direction in all areas of your life and will aid in producing a stronger focus and work ethic. Furthermore, don’t forget to track your progress along the way. At the end of each week, take a moment to reflect on and record your accomplishments for the week, identify any barriers or challenges you encountered along the way and set priorities for the upcoming week. Take it a step further by being proactive and sharing this weekly summary with your manager. 
  1. Be receptive to feedback: When receiving feedback, it is important to keep an open mind. Be receptive to suggestions and solicit guidance or recommendations on how to improve or approach a problem differently. Actively listen to the feedback being provided and avoid becoming defensive. Sometimes the better approach is to acknowledge the feedback and simply say “understood” and “thank you for your feedback” and step away to reflect on the conversation before responding. The good news is the conversation is happening and to welcome further dialogue.

Requesting feedback, setting goals and tracking progress along the way, and being open and receptive to continuous feedback will ultimately improve the relationship between you with your manager. One of the many benefits of Truvelop is that the technology enables continuous performance management and development.

Truvelop is not just an employee evaluation tool, Truvelop also promotes the delivery of real time feedback and recognition to employees with our Spark feature and our Recognition Wall to promote on-going performance development conversations between managers and employees.

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