How to Inspire Disengaged Employees

September 25, 2020

Employee engagement has always been a struggle, and the 2020 pandemic only amplified the issue. Feelings of disengagement may come from lack of motivation or training, life changes, role changes, lack of success, being in the wrong role, not knowing if they’re succeeding at their job, insecurity, office politics, rumors, – the possibilities are endless. If an employee doesn’t know if they are performing at the expected level, they will rapidly become disinterested, and less and less productive. The onus is on management and leadership to figure out the source of disengagement and begin a path to recovery. Check out our five tips for engaging the disengaged:

  1. Give Feedback- Feedback is vital when it comes keeping your people motivated. Employees want their efforts and achievements to be acknowledged. Whether it is positive or constructive coaching, letting your employees know how they’re doing will motivate them to work hard and strive for success. Truvelop was created for this very reason – and gives management access to a desktop and mobile app to conduct frequent employee assessments in order to collect current, relevant performance and attitude related data.
  2. Set Goals Together- If your employees are disengaged, it could be because they don’t know their purpose within the organization. Setting goals together gives employees something to strive for, defined direction, and reinforces the adage that they are part of the team, and pivotal to the organization’s success.
  3. Be Consistent- Consistent communication, consistent performance reviews, consistent accolades, consistent feedback, consistent meetings – clearly consistency is a key theme. It helps create structure and it helps people manage their own expectations as they create timelines and project plans for their own work.
  4. Be Supportive- Right now more than ever, it’s important to support your people and encourage them to support each other. From giving them a Spark shoutout, to setting up a Zoom yoga session, to simply offering flexible hours to help working parents adjust to the virtual school year, even the smallest gestures will show your team that you are truly there for them. The old adage “treat others the way you want to be treated” rings true right now and the more you support your team, the more they will support each other and you.
  5. Create a Culture of Opportunity- If an employee feels as though they have no room for growth, they will not likely stay engaged in their daily job tasks. As a manager within an organization, work towards establishing a culture of opportunity for your employees, so they know that there is always something to work towards. Truvelop not only helps you identify who needs motivation, who needs training, or even recognition – it offers you the resources and tools you need to create a solid career path trajectory for your teams.

Disengaged employees can be the downfall to a business, so stepping in early and often to identify and redirect these behaviors is key. Follow our five tips, and get started with Truvelop. You’ll see the impact quickly. Contact us today to schedule a demo.