How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

October 13, 2020

Motivation is the top trending topic when it comes to work of any kind. Whether it’s personal, educational or directly related to your actual job, people need to be and feel motivated. Truvelop helps managers do just that by affording them access to resources and tools designed to motivate, engage, and develop people. Check out our current favorites: 

  1. Performance Review– Exactly what it sounds like, and what we were built and based on, Truvelop’s performance management tool allows employees to finally get continuous insight on their performance that they can actually act upon. Feedback they can use to better themselves and their contribution to the organization’s success
  2. Spark Shout-Outs – Truvelop’s Spark feature allows managers to observe, praise and acknowledge employee accomplishments on the fly, in real time. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, or simple communication, Sparks give employees in the moment feedback they can use – and share. A little chance to shine and brag about it really goes a long way to one person’s morale, and another’s motivation.
  1. Knowledge Center – Truvelop not only arms management with a real time, data-driven employee assessment tool, it takes it that necessary step further to arm managers with the tools and resources to develop and motivate employees – no matter how their performance is. Our tools are designed to help a low-performer improve, help place a stagnant employee in the right position, and motivate a high performer to achieve a promotion. Truvelop then goes one important step further, and arms everyone in the organization with our Diversity and Inclusion resource center. These resources can help bridge diversity, inclusivity, and racial gaps that everyone is seeking right now.

Truvelop is the solution many companies didn’t know they needed, and the solution that all companies are now seeking throughout 2020’s very weird and ever-changing environment. When it comes to helping people feel valued, Truvelop arms companies with data-driven, action and insight-based employee reviews that are conducted regularly and reported on with trending and usable insight.

Our performance review tool, Spark feature, and multiple resource centers all help in different ways to help leaders keep their employees feeling valued, seen, and acknowledged. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you see the ROI. Contact us today to schedule a demo and get started!