How to Recruit in a Virtual and On-Hold Time

April 14, 2020
Times are weird – they’re virtual and on hold. Most companies are either swamped or paused, with very little in-between.

Essential companies such as grocery stores and delivery folks are hiring left and right. But for most other businesses, it’s a confusing time when it comes to hiring and recruiting. What’s ok to do – and when?
If you have roles to fill you should absolutely fill them. But if you don’t already, look to your own people first. If you’re concerned you may have to furlough, see if anyone internally can fill the vacant roles. If you have a referral program, remind your employees. If you don’t have a referral program – think about starting one. And above all – talk to your people.
Tell your people what roles are available and let them work their own professional and social networks. Right now everyone knows someone who has concerns about their jobs – and one of your people may just connect you to the right person, who needs this job right now.

Employee engagement is key in these difficult times. And while you’re connecting and video chatting and motivating and encouraging – remind your managers and team-members that employees are a company’s most valuable asset. And who better to help you find new assets than your current team.
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