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How Truvelop Works:

Performance Evaluation and Employee Development


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Login to Your Account

You can sign into Truvelop's appraisal system on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

Evaluate or Spark

Take two minutes to evaluate an employee or team member in real-time; or take a few seconds and capture a Spark observation, a follow-up note, a corrective measure—anything to help improve the quality of future interaction and leverage recommendations to motivate, retain and promote talent.

Let Your Dashboard Guide You

The Truvelop dashboard has multiple layers: organization, department, and individual. Each can show you a Truvelop Track—where an individual or group of people have been and how they have done over time. The dashboard can show you where to place your attention so you know who to celebrate, elevate, motivate, educate, and re-evaluate.

Make Observations

Answer a short survey of 15 questions about an individual team member.

Truvelop's proprietary algorithm identifies that team members relative value to your organization from an A+ performer, a vital member of your team, to a Replacement Player, a situation you should mitigate immediately. 

The tool shows you the overall strength or weakness of your organization, team, or department on a management dashboard.



Interact with Team Members

The more you Evaluate and Spark! team members, the more data you have to drive meaningful interaction with those team members.

We recommend you Truvaluate a team member at least once a month and Spark! them at least once a week. That gives you the information you need to give them truly valuable, current, and meaningful feedback. 

Whether you do that in a formal or informal setting is up to you. The key is to do it frequently.

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Real-Time Data. Real Insight.

Truvelop gives managers real data regarding the people who report to them. The mobile app allows managers to capture that data in real-time. 

Truvelop streamlines manager-team member interactions. That transforms a company's people, performance & culture and promotes growth through continuous performance management. 

  • Evaluating a team member takes about two minutes.
  • A Spark!, which is a quick observation, note, or to-do takes only seconds
  • The team member dashboard holds a complete history of evaluations and Sparks! It also gives a complete performance timeline, a Truvelopment Track.

You no longer have to wonder what a team member did six months ago, or what you asked them to do. Now it's all right there. Easy to find. Easy to follow.


Truvelop is Multi-Directional

To help increase meaningful manager and team member interaction, Truvelop is both team member and manager facing.

  • A manager can send a team member an evaluation score or Spark!
  • A team member can request an evaluation or Spark!
  • A manager can set a reminder to have a meeting with a team member and a team member can request an interaction with a manager.
  • And much more!
It's up to you to determine how much information you want to share. Truvelop helps built the bridges that give the information real meaning and impact in your organization.



If you don’t need—or have time—to asses a team member by doing the entire evaluation process, you can still capture valuable insights in just seconds using the Spark! feature.

Spark! allows you to capture observations, notes, and insights ranging from 1-on-1 meetings to a coaching insight or a follow-up action item. And just like the evaluation process and comments, all of your Sparks! are stored on the team member’s dashboard. Those top of mind, on the fly thoughts finally have a place to reside where you can return to them to help refine your interaction with team members.

Here’s the best part: It takes less than a minute to capture a Spark!

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Truvelop allows you to see your organization, department, teams, and team members on dashboards, where all of your important information is always accessible.

  • See how a team member has performed over a period of time.
  • See a snapshot of where your department stands right now.
  • See a history of the Sparks! involving a team member.
  • See where you should focus your attention.

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