HR Trends of 2022 Beyond the Great Resignation

March 8, 2022

The hot HR topics of the past year have never seemed to veer far from COVID-19 or the Great Resignation, but HR Executive shares a few new trends for 2022 that can help HR leaders develop better strategies for talent recruitment and engagement. 

  • Fairness and equity: The conversation around fairness and equity goes beyond hiring and advancement policies. HR leaders must take a look at all organizational policies and ensure they are implemented and enforced equitably and fairly: 
    • Who has access to flexible work? 
    • Are salaries based on skills and roles or based on where employees work?
    • Will existing employees see a bump in salary if new employees are offered higher salaries?
    • Are some employees receiving greater benefits than others?
  • Shortened work week: In addition to flexibility and increased pay, employees are demanding a shorter work week to make up for decreased purchasing power due to inflation.  According to HR Executive, “when inflation is considered, real wages have declined. If inflation continues to rise, employers will find the compensation they offer is worth less and less in terms of purchasing power for employees.” 
  • Tools to help measure and improve performance: It has become increasingly difficult for managers to know what employees are working on and how to effectively evaluate performance. Collaborative technology that allows for two-way communication, like the Truvelop app, can be a game-changer for managers of distributed and front-line teams to accurately track employee performance and monitor progress.  
  • Mental Health: More and more companies are investing in mental health for employees and these investments are resulting in increased production and reduced turnover.  The article from HR Executive shares that “Gartner analysis shows that employees who utilize these benefits report 23% higher levels of mental health, 17% higher levels of physical health and are 23% more likely to say they sleep well at night. These improvements in personal outcomes translate to higher levels of performance and retention.”

    However, despite increased investments in mental health benefits, not all employees are taking advantage of them. HR leaders need to identify strategies to de-stigmatize mental health and foster a culture that supports a focus on mental health.  

HR leaders are experiencing an increased demand for new approaches to employee engagement, recruitment and retention. There is no one-size fits all approach and every company will need to consider the unique needs and demands of its employees to develop a comprehensive strategy.  

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