February 18, 2021

Team building creates the space for employees to learn from each other and about one another. These meaningful interactions will improve employee morale and collaboration, and help employees gain new skills. Moreover, this will lead to increased productivity in a workplace, as it promotes cooperation and motivation. The pandemic may prevent in-person socialization, however, that does not mean that socialization is no longer possible.

Our team shares a few ways to facilitate team building in a remote environment:

  1. Foster inclusivity: Inclusivity is more than making sure everyone is present. Inclusivity means creating space for everyone to feel wanted and seen. Inclusivity is the biggest building block for fostering and creating collaborative relationships. It requires being open-minded and judgement-free. A disconnected team will negatively impact a business, destroying morale and productivity. Check out our tips for how to create an inclusive environment necessary for employee retention.
  1. Facilitate open dialogue: Establishing the space and expectation for open dialogue helps create healthy, equitable work environments. Many problems arise in the workplace because employees do not feel free to speak out whether to offer new ideas or voice concerns for areas that need improvement. In order to build a strong team, it is important for every employee to feel heard. Not everyone is going to agree but everyone has a right to voice their opinion and share their experiences. Truvelop provides not only a dashboard to see how well your team is performing, but also a Spark feature, which allows your team to communicate with one another.
  1. Team bonding: Not all conversations with your coworkers must be work-related. In our virtual work environment there is no distinction between work and home life, and more employers are recognizing that is isn’t appropriate or effective to expect employees to have two versions of themselves. Engaged, passionate and committed employees are those who are accepted for who they are and have the ability to bring their whole selves to work. When employees get to know one another, discover common interests and experiences, they form bonds that improve employee satisfaction and foster a culture that drives employee retention.

Fostering inclusivity, open communication, and bonding will help drive performance and reduce turnover. Contact our team today to learn more about our talent engagement and employee assessment tools.