5 Tips for Improving Your Team’s Engagement While Working Remotely

August 7, 2020

We’re months into this new normal that 2020 brought us, and many of us have been and will remain remote for the near future. Along with managing our own work-from-home universe, we’re also learning how best to keep teams engaged, motivated and productive in a remote world. Check out our top tips:

1. Increase Touchpoints

  • Isolation is lonely. It’s easy to get lost working remotely. Teams need to hear from their leaders often to build engagement. Rather than sending an email, video chat to check in. Don’t forget to ask your team members how they are doing. Make it personal.

2. Share Successes with the Entire Team

  • Make it a point to provide feedback multiple times each week. Don’t forget to share that feedback with the entire team. Truvelop’s employee assessment app was built to do just this – and our Spark feature lets you celebrate each success – even the small ones!

3. Mitigate Risk

  • Not everyone is built for remote work. Be sure to document who is thriving, who is struggling, and why. Work with your team members to identify barriers and challenges to help remove obstacles. Coaching is key.

4. Leverage Data

  • Use data to make your weekly team meetings more meaningful. Keep your people plugged into the important data they need to make informed decisions. Give team members the opportunity to identify trends and report out on what they are seeing.

5. Create Training and Development Opportunities

  • Professional growth and development is a key driver of engagement. Ask your team members to set personal development goals each month. Learn something new or improve upon existing skillsets. At Truvelop, we created the Knowledge Center to provide our customers with micro-learning resources to help their managers learn and grow.

Keep interactions high and with these tips, your company can perform as usual – or even better! Visit truvelop.com to learn more about how Truvelop can help you navigate remote workforce management and schedule a demo of our solution.