Inclusive Learning in the Knowledge Center

November 7, 2023

The world of work is changing. It’s more diverse and HR tech needs to be able to keep up and meet the needs of all workers. Here at Truvelop, we are dedicated to creating the best possible employee experience for all employees. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce that Truvelop’s Knowledge Center is now available in over 100 languages.

Today, more than a fifth of Americans speak a language other than English in their homes (Lingoda). In order for users to be able to learn effectively, they need to have access to resources that they can understand and easily digest. When we deliver resources that an employee can review in their native language, we are telling that employee that their experience matters and that we are invested in their development – they aren’t just another cog in the machine, but a person who has unique learning interests that deserve to be explored.

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