Inside the App – Best Practices

July 1, 2021

Whether you are new to Truvelop or a veteran user, our team shares best practices for maximizing the app for optimum performance.


We recommend that each employee receive an employee assessment once per month. Every business and team is different, however, the best approach is to create a schedule – consistency and frequency are key:

  • Once a month
  • Once every two weeks
  • Once a week

Regularly scheduled evaluations will help you memorialize what your team member is doing well and not doing so well.

As we have shared previously, context matters so be sure to include comments! Comments will help you document the team member’s behaviors and actions that resulted in their score, which is great to reference at a later date, like at an annual or quarterly performance review.

Remember, the more evidence we can provide for a score, the more accurate and objective it is going to be.

Growth and Development

Truvelop is designed to initiate manager and team member conversations. Use the manager cue cards to learn ways to encourage a team member’s development based on their score.

Set up regular meetings with your team members to discuss performance, opportunities, and development plans. More frequent, shorter conversations with your team members are a far more effective strategy than longer, less frequent interactions.

Don’t forget the Spark function! Recognize and memorialize a team member for doing something exceptional.

Risk Mitigation

Truvelop is designed to be an HR repository where you can store all comments, documents, and plans regarding individual team members.

Treat everything you put into Truvelop—including KPI’s, summary comments, and attachments – as legal documents that are in line with principles of fairness and equality as well as current employment laws.

There will come a time when you have to exit team members from your organization, or pass them over for promotions, raises, and other rewards. Truvelop aggregates all of your data, comments, sparks and evaluations to provide a comprehensive resource for demonstrating reason for a decision the employee may disagree with.

Share with us your tips for how your team uses the Truvelop app for performance management!

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