Inside the App: Coaching

March 10, 2022

As HR leaders face scrutiny and increasing demand for new ways to navigate the Great Resignation, the focus tends to be on benefits for the employees – flexible hours, permanent remote work privileges, increased salaries, shorter work weeks – however, there is a very basic way to engage employees that is often overlooked. Professional development.  

Unfortunately, many managers were never trained to be managers and it could be their management style and narrow skillset that is driving turnover, not company culture or employee benefits. Sometimes, employees simply want to be nurtured and to have a path for advancement and growth.  

Before looking at one more benefit that could be offered to employees, HR leaders should consider the efficacy of managers and the impact they could have on employee turnover. 

Managers who simply hire employees, assign them tasks or goals, and maintain minimal communication will struggle to build a team of high performing employees. Employees, no matter how experienced and committed they are to their job, can struggle to perform to expectations without an engaged manager.  

The primary job of any manager is to help people be more effective in their job. 

An employee assessment without context is meaningless and can only lead to further frustration and decreased motivation if not addressed early. Evaluation can’t be one and done. There needs to be discussion and planning to foster improvement and better understand the needs and goals of employees to help them grow. This is when a manager takes on the role of a coach.  

When completing evaluations in the Truvelop app, add comments and context. Context matters, and the more of it you provide in your evaluations, the more informative and useful your data becomes over time. In each evaluation, contextual data on team member performance, attitude, and maintenance can be recorded for future reference. 

It is more important, however, for managers to check in with employees. Why are they struggling? What barriers are they facing? Opening up that conversation with questions and offering to help work through solutions fosters a stronger level of trust between the Manager and Team Member, increasing engagement. 

Understanding the drivers that motivate an employee is critical. Work with your Team Member to create an Individual Development Plan, or IDP – an action-oriented plan to guide employees on their career and development path. An IDP focuses on career goals and is a proactive plan that helps Team Members to achieve their developmental aspirations.  

An IDP can help guide conversations, performance evaluation and goal development, which can all be tracked in the Truvelop app.  

Managers can increase communication and coaching moments by using the Spark functionality, recognizing wins big and small, providing encouragement for employees that can boost morale. 

With the Truvelop app, managers can use the insights on the Team Member dashboard to help guide management strategies. Additionally, the Proactive Management Cue Cards help managers focus on developmental opportunities with suggested ways to encourage or engage an employee based on performance and evaluation data.  

Effective managers coach employees to help them feel recognized, meet goals, and realize opportunities for professional growth.  With Truvelop, it’s easier than ever to be an effective manager and leader. 

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