Inside the App: Employee Resource Center

July 29, 2021

The Truvelop app is designed as a comprehensive tool for performance management with dozens of resources to support managers, providing tips for how to leverage the app, ways to communicate more effectively with employees based on their evaluation scores, and how to analyze team capacity based on evaluations and performance development.

However, we believe that the best approach to performance management is one that is rooted in two-way communication, which is why we have also developed a resource center for employees.

When it comes to employee assessments, employees are rarely included in the conversation about their evaluation. Without the opportunity to ask questions or discuss challenges that could be affecting performance, employees are left to make inferences or stew in frustration, making the evaluation process ineffective.

According to TINYpulse, employees who feel they’re progressing in their careers are 20% more likely to still be working at their companies in one year’s time.

With the Truvelop app, each time a manager completes an evaluation, the employee receives an insight on how they are currently performing, and an action item they can use as they work to grow and improve in their professional development journey.

For example, a low performer might receive the following insight:

  • Your overall performance is significantly lagging behind your peers. Speak with your manager about any current challenges you are facing. Taking small steps immediately to act on the feedback you are receiving can create positive change.

A steady performer might receive the following insight:

  • You are a steady performer and contributor to our organization. Self-reflect on where you could expand your impact or role within the organization. To further your development, review your day-to-day performance and your attitude towards your work to identify where you may have growth potential. Seek feedback from your manager and co-workers on where you should focus your attention and activities.

In addition to evaluation feedback, the Employee Resource Center helps employees to consider how to work with their manager to set goals and why goals are important to career growth.

According to an article by Gallup, “Employees who strongly agree that their managers helped them set performance goals are 69% more engaged compared to employees who did not have managers help them.

The app breaks down different types of goals such as outcome goals, performance goals, and process goals depending on the areas of development the employee is focused on. The app also explores goal-setting techniques and stretch goals which can help encourage an employee to grow beyond what they think is possible and support advancement opportunities.

Finally, the Employee Resource Center provides information on Individual Development Plans, or IDPs, which can help an employee to define their direction and map out a career and development path. The key to a successful Development Plan is the employee knowing themself and being honest about what it is going to take to get them to where they want to go.

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