Inside the App: Facilitating a Growth Mindset

March 18, 2022

When Team Members have a strong growth mindset, they are less likely to become discouraged or demotivated when presented with a challenge or a setback. Instead, they embrace the opportunity for growth. With so many organizations focusing on retention, having individual contributors that are resilient and engaged is a top priority.

According to Indeed, “A growth mindset is a perspective through which individuals view their abilities as constantly evolving through various efforts, like practice and development. Those with this type of mindset typically embrace the process of lifelong learning and believe that they can improve their attributes through the deliberate actions they take. For instance, a person with a growth mindset may believe that, while people may be born with a certain level of skills or competency, they still can develop their talent and intelligence through purposeful measures. Therefore, a growth mindset allows individuals to take more risks and confront challenging experiences openly.”

In the Truvelop app, with Spark it is easy for managers to document observations, share praise, and coach actions and behaviors using employee performance tracking tools. When delivering feedback, it is important to focus on the output, as this will always challenge the team member to reflect on what actions went well, and what can be improved.

Data-driven reflection can be extremely powerful for managers and team members to work collaboratively towards goals. Inside the app, when looking at Detailed Reporting, consider the team member’s performance journey. Frequent meetings provide an opportunity to learn about challenges the team member faced recently, discuss how to overcome them, and celebrate progress or previous obstacles the team member may have overcome.

Celebrating resiliency and progress is a great way to reinforce a growth mindset.

Sometimes developing a growth mindset requires extra time and encouragement. Facilitating a growth mindset can include goal-setting, training opportunities, or modeling a drive for continuous learning. Developing a growth mindset is crucial for sustaining engagement in the long-term.

Burnout can creep up if team members become demotivated each time a speed bump comes across their path so providing encouragement and reminding team members of their progress and resiliency over challenges will help them remain motivated.

Developing a consistent growth mindset among your team may not happen overnight, but through regular encouragement and modeling the right behaviors, you can start to create a positive shift in the way that your team embraces challenges and opportunities.

For those managers who struggle for ways to communicate with their team members, the manager cue cards are a great tool inside the Truvelop app.

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