Inside the App: Fostering Communication

January 6, 2022

Cultivating a diverse team is a great goal, but cultivating collaboration among a diverse team with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives can be challenging for a manager, experienced or not. Gone are the days when employees come to work, put their heads down, complete their tasks and go home. Employees today want to be part of the conversation, have their ideas heard, and feel valued.

Nurturing open conversation and creating space for people to feel comfortable having difficult conversations or bringing their whole selves to the team takes time, discipline and intentionality.

Managers have to work harder than ever to foster effective communication among team members.

Here are a few suggestions for how to use the Truvelop app to communicate effectively with your team:

  • Truvelop offers managers an opportunity to engage with employees in real time and evaluate and recognize their employees’ development and production. It also offers several ways to foster communication among teams.
    • When a manager provides feedback to an employee using Truvelop’s Spark feature, they can take this one step further and post a note of praise or encouragement on Recognition Wall.
    • Truvelop’s Recognition Wall is a social media-like function within the app. Posting to the Wall is not limited to managers. Team members can recognize one another, and comment and react to recognitions of fellow team members building a sense of community even for remote employees.
  • Plan for regular conversations with employees to establish trust and rapport – don’t just wait for a scheduled team/project meeting. Before starting a conversation with a team member though, reflect on what you know about them. After the conversation, if there were any goals established or new changes agreed upon, ready the team member with a collaborative plan forward. Don’t let the conversation fade – be sure to continue to review and revisit to ensure the team member feels heard and supported.
  • Don’t forget your employees. Engage them in decision-making or solicit new ideas. Truvelop has a Survey feature that provides managers with an easy way to gauge interest or gain feedback on a new idea, project or policy. Surveys are completely customizable and flexible where the survey itself or specific questions can be made mandatory or optional.

Performance management is only as strong as your team. Recognizing their differences, and fostering open dialogue is important to driving engagement and increasing employee retention.

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