Inside the App: How to Coach

May 6, 2021

Fostering employee engagement and professional development is a challenging task in normal circumstances. Doing so virtually during a pandemic with employees who have the added burden of juggling virtual school, health fears, and shared home workspace, can feel near impossible. Fortunately, digital applications like Zoom and Slack, that hadn’t yet been widely adopted by most mainstream, traditional companies, were available and have been helpful in offering insight to companies for new ways to actively engage and manage teams.

Truvelop offers companies a comprehensive tool to evaluate, monitor and support employee performance. Employees need more from managers than direction. Employees want someone who is interested in developing their potential and inspire them to grow – they need a coach.

Here are a few tips for how managers can optimize the Truvelop app to coach employees:

  • Set Goals – Work with the employee to develop outcome, performance and/or process goals. Setting goals should be a specific and an inclusive process to ensure buy-in from the employee. This is also a great way to help employees work through their own personal development and career goals. Goals should be reviewed often which is why a regular evaluation schedule is important to help the employee take the necessary steps and make any needed adjustments in a timely manner to ensure success.
  • Send a Spark – Using Truvelop’s Spark function, managers can track and support their employees’ progress towards goals. This is a great way to host a two-way conversation about the employee’s journey and to memorialize any feedback shared. When an employee does something well, send a Spark!
  • Management Cue Cards – Truvelop is designed to foster two-way communication between the manager and employee. Management cue cards provide managers with prompts for actions that can support an employee based on his/her evaluation score.

When managers set up a schedule for continuous employee assessments, collaboratively create goals, and actively engage with employees to understand challenges and recognize successes, they not only manage employee performance, they coach the employee towards improvement.

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