Inside the App: Leveraging Technology

March 3, 2022

For HR leaders struggling to reduce the seemingly never-ending tasks, and optimize time to dedicate to more collaborative strategy, investing in new HR technology is a priority in 2022. Especially for companies already struggling with employee retention, HR teams need support to reduce burn-out.

According to a recent survey from HRE, 86% of HR executives say their stress has increased in the last year, and 40% of HR leaders feel challenged by the lack of importance/priority the company puts on the HR department.

While the pandemic forced companies to quickly adapt to remote work, many are still behind in the adoption of technology to improve efficiencies and change the way we work as a distributed workforce.

HR leaders are desperate for tools that can help teams communicate more effectively and improve performance management in a remote workforce. Enhanced experiences through AI, employee self-service and continued learning tools, advanced HR technology allows HR professionals to take on a more strategic role within their organization.

As more and more companies undergo digital transformation journeys while also challenged by the Great Resignation, now is the time to commit to modernizing the HR toolkit and empower managers across all teams and divisions to develop a more collaborative and transparent approach to performance management.

With the Truvelop app, teams can foster two-way communication helping employees embrace opportunities for growth and increase motivation.

  • Aggregated data – the app aggregates all the data you input – notes, evaluations, comments – so no more digging through paper files or trying to remember a conversation
  • Dashboard – when analyzing a team’s performance and developing new strategies and plans, the Truvelop dashboard allows managers to see all of their employees in one spot
  • Continuous performance evaluation – it’s never been easier to evaluate a team member’s performance whether it’s feedback on a specific day’s performance or an evaluation of an entire month; simply complete a short series of questions and submit
  • Two-way communication – when a manager evaluates an employee, the employee will see the review and provide feedback or comments; employees are also able to request an evaluation
  • Coaching – using AI, the Truvelop app provides managers with suggestions and insights for how to motivate and develop employees based on their score; Manager Cue Cards are a great way to not only help managers better understand how to manage, but guide managers to serve as coaches for team members

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