Inside the App: Managing Employees Anywhere

April 14, 2022

Performance management has changed drastically over the past two years. Regardless if employees were already part of a distributed workforce or learning how to work remotely for the first time, expectations and performance demands have shifted, adding a new layer of challenges for managers.

With the Truvelop app, managers can create more authentic, valuable connections with employees no matter where they are located.

When your team is able to meet in person, first, celebrate! Then, be sure to document notes from the conversation in the Truvelop app, which allows for measurable performance development and great reference points for evaluations. Avoid setting and forgetting a goal, and with documented notes in the Truvelop app, track progress to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

For those working in the field, employee assessments can be a burden – a task that takes time away from day-to-day tasks. But, with Truvelop’s quick and easy evaluation process, managers can capture and measure performance in the moment, when it counts. And, with Truvelop Management Cue Cards, managers know exactly how to engage and motivate employees based on their performance.

“When you are in field operations, time is a luxury and teams tend to forget about the employees that are in remote locations. Truvelop has been a great and easy tool that is helping us create the habit of constant feedback to all employees, anywhere they are, making us process-think about their good qualities and ways to guide them to get better,” shares Rene Brunal, Vice President of Operations, Clean Office.

While some companies are still figuring out if they will remain remote or hybrid, managers can foster engagement with team members through the Truvelop app. By documenting an observation, or recognizing a win big or small with a post on the Recognition Wall, managers can capture and communicate meaningfully.

With Truvelop’s various features, no team member, no matter where they are located, is going to be forgotten or left behind, but instead will receive continuous and proactive feedback, emphasizing the commitment managers and the company have in their employees’ success.

For Harkins Builders, Truvelop has been an important tool for adopting a coaching culture.

Defined by Forbes, “A coaching culture means supporting your employees so that they learn new skills and become greater assets to the company. It’s a type of management culture that emphasizes training, regular feedback, and opportunities for growth to create a more engaged and energized workforce.”

Managers are rarely trained how to be managers; while they may be the best at their technical skills, they may lack the formal training on how to motivate and teach their team members. With a coaching culture, managers serve as coaches, mentors, or teachers, by guiding and supporting their team members.

The Truvelop app provides managers a platform for fostering two-way communication that not only tracks performance at any time, from any location, but also serves as a performance management coaching tool to help managers manage more effectively.

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