Inside the App: Managing Remote Teams

April 29, 2021

Nearly every business in America has had to adapt to managing employees remotely. For field workers – those working in jobs that are not based in an office such as construction workers and nurses – remote work is a normal, everyday part of the job.

While managing remote employees is mostly temporary for many companies and still allows for regular “face-to-face” check-ins and meetings via Zoom or other virtual conference tools, for other companies, remote work is the only way to work and doesn’t always allow for easy conferencing.

Truvelop offers remote teams a way to communicate and track performance in a transparent and engaging way.

“Managing remote teams can be a challenge. What is different about Truvelop is keeping the human element in mind. It’s not just how people get their work done. It’s how we connect with them – providing immediate feedback, supporting open communication and developing their potential. Partnering with Truvelop helps us create an environment where people find their own happiness,” shares customer Ivana Rochac, HR Director, Apartment Turnovers.

Remote employees can feel isolated, but with Truvelop they are in continuous communication with their supervisor. The app allows managers to routinely conduct employee assessments, which helps employees know their work is being recognized. With management cue cards, managers are provided with ways to engage employees based on their evaluation score so that employees receive feedback and ways to improve.

Truvelop helps managers document who is thriving, who is struggling, and why. Using the Management Cue Cards and Truvelop Knowledge Center, managers can learn how to effectively work with team members to identify barriers and challenges to help remove obstacles.

According to Colin Ward, Interim Chief Operating Officer at Upper Chesapeake Health, The Truvelop platform provides tremendous insight into performance and engagement of the front-line team, while also helping our managers become more skillful at providing focused feedback to drive achievement of our health system goals.” 


Beyond performance evaluations, Truvelop fosters camaraderie with its Spark feature where managers or colleagues can post praise, recognition and appreciation to a social-media style platform. It is important for managers to build a culture that celebrates success – even the small successes – so that employees feel seen and heard even when not always face-to-face with their managers.

The data collected through Truvelop can help team members make informed decisions. Managers should give team members the opportunity to identify trends and report out on what they are seeing. This data can be helpful in determining needs and opportunities to improve work environments or processes for employees.

Continuous communication helps teams improve engagement, morale and performance, creating a stronger and more productive organization.

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