Inside the App: Proactive Management with Truvelop

July 22, 2021

Now that you have been collecting performance data on your direct reports and generating meaningful insights on the Team Member dashboard, what’s next? Truvelop helps guide you by providing suggested proactive management strategies to increase engagement and employee retention with your Team Members. Understanding where your team members stand to curate productive and meaningful feedback is the first step in propelling your organization towards success.

A Players – Appreciate your leading contributors in your organization who score high in both competence and character. It is important to recognize these team members who are giving you a competitive edge in order to keep them around. How? Try asking for their input on key projects, so they feel heard and valued, and know that their suggestions matter. These Team Members may also be ready for more responsibility with the right leadership training. It may be helpful to refer to their career goals to best support them on their path forward.

B Players – Motivate your steady performers. These team members provide reliable performance but may need to be reminded of their full potential. You know there are areas for improvement, so help guide them through it. Create a development plan that connects that individual’s motivational preferences with the Performance, Attitude and Maintenance targets you set for them.

C Players – Evaluate your lagging team members. These performers are contributing at a lower-than-average level, so it is important to decide whether you want to replace or improve them. If you believe they can perform better with coaching, monitor them and set expectations around Performance, Attitude, and Maintenance related behaviors.

For any of the above performers, use Spark to deliver more real time feedback to employees in the moment when it counts. Each Team Member requires an individualized approach to their development, and with Truvelop, you have a clearer snapshot of your talent today. Truvelop is here to help you move one step closer to success, and that starts with having Managers who are ready to lead.

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