Inside the App – Spark Encouragement

May 27, 2021

Studies show that continuous employee assessments have more of an impact than the traditional annual review. The Truvelop app provides managers a comprehensive tool to evaluate and engage employees, aggregating all of the data in one place.

However, fostering talent development and growth requires more than frequent evaluation. Employees want to be seen and feel like their work matters.

According to TINYpulse, 21.5% of employees that don’t feel recognized when they do great work have interviewed for a job compared to just 12.4% that do feel recognized.

For those managing large and/or remote teams, and those who struggle in management roles, the Truvelop app helps managers capture employee observations and performance appraisals in real time, and access recommended actions for motivation and retention.

Truvelop’s Spark feature is a great way for managers and employees to engage in a continuous and flexible goal-setting model where frequent touchpoints are encouraged throughout the year versus a “set it and forget it” approach.

When a team member crushes it in a meeting, saves the company time, or shows a better way to complete a project, Spark will help you capture the moment and build a library of those moments.

Once a manager has sent a Spark to an employee, that employee can respond to the comments made in that Spark. Managers can also respond to the comments made by an employee, allowing for real time dialogue and creating a continuous feedback loop between managers and employees regardless of work location and without the need for a face-to-face conversation.

If an employee responds to a manager’s Spark, the manager will be notified of that response. If a manager replies to the employee’s response, the employee will likewise be notified.

Each Spark is recorded and broken down into current week, current month, and total history, which can be tremendously helpful reminders for evaluations or when considering advancement opportunities.

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