Inside the App: Team Collaboration

February 3, 2022

As companies navigate a third year of shifts and adaptive work environments, leaders continue to struggle to figure out the best ways to foster communication and collaboration among team members.

Virtual conferencing and communication tools like Zoom and Slack are helpful but sometimes it’s just confusing. Who will be in the office? Who will be at home? Who is supposed to be in the meeting? Who is missing who can contribute to the project?

Employee performance development requires more than continuous feedback and evaluation. Boosting morale, fostering communication among team members, and creating an inclusive culture are all critical to improving employee development. But with the constant flow of talent in and out as HR teams battle the Great Resignation and manage virtual hiring and onboarding, it can be a challenge to establish trust and build a positive culture.

Communication is key. When employees feel valued and heard, they are more likely to be engaged and production improves. According to an article in Forbes, “Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.”

With Truvelop, managers can foster communication among team members, important to support the development of peer relationships, which is important to creating collaborative work environments. Through Sparks and the Recognition Wall, managers can create a semblance of in-person employee recognition by making comments or sharing words of encouragement. Team members can also post comments and words of recognition for fellow team members.

Managers should set an example, by being intentional on a regular basis, posting words of encouragement and recognition, as well as encouraging team members to acknowledge one another.

Two-way communication is important. Yes, employees want to hear from their bosses, but they also want to have the opportunity to share and provide feedback themselves.

The survey function allows managers to ask team members’ opinions about various topics, policy changes, or opportunities for improvement within the team or work process.

Fostering communication within the app can help with collaborative planning. By analyzing employee performance based on evaluations, and understanding the team’s strengths and weaknesses, managers can appropriately pair team members based on complementary skills or test potential new roles. When a manager understands the depth of his/her team and the skills each person contributes, it is easier to oversee collaborative planning and workgroups.

It is also a great opportunity to help an employee who may have an individual development plan to learn from someone more experienced than them or to try their hand at a new skill as part of a new team or project.

Truvelop is designed to initiate manager and team member conversations – it is a dynamic, interactive tool to support the development of personal and team growth, and employee engagement.

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