Inside the App: Tips for Employees

January 13, 2022

Truvelop is a performance management app to help managers engage and retain employees, however, it is designed to foster two-way communication so that employees can be actively involved in their professional development.

Employees no longer have to wait for the dreaded annual review that often leaves them frustrated and lacking any effective direction for improvement. According to an article in Inc, 76% of employees don’t feel heard during reviews, and organizations that facilitate frequent two-way feedback increase retention by 15%.

Truvelop customer CST Group, an accounting and tax services firm, “In today’s environment with a more remote workforce, Truvelop’s virtual performance management application is an ideal balance between true accountability, team connectivity and real time conversations. Focusing not only on productivity and KPI’s, but also employee attitude and morale will make our managers better and our team stronger.”

Truvelop provides employees insights into their performance and a way to track and trend progress.

With the Truvelop app, evaluations are no longer static, one-sided reports that get filed away until the next year. Insights provide employees with tips for leveraging and improving skills based on evaluations and goals.

For example, a Rising Performer might be prompted to engage with managers to identify development opportunities and learn other ways to improve.

Another example could be an Improvement Performer – one whose contribution is currently below average as compared to peers – who is encouraged to seek feedback from managers and co-workers on where to focus attention and activities.

Truvelop helps team members and managers identify development and upskilling opportunities to provide the support needed. Both the manager and the employee have access to these insights.

Managers can get the conversation started with an employee in the app by delivering evaluation information and Sparks. In addition, employees are able to request evaluations. Employees are able to view their evaluation data, respond to real time feedback, and recognize co-workers across the organization.

Employees can comment and Spark to drive engagement, encouraging frequent, proactive, and productive conversations company-wide. Spark can document positive exchanges with employees with a summary that can be emailed directly from the App to the staff member in addition to being memorialized on the employee’s dashboard for reference at evaluation time.

Truvelop aims to help maintain a culture of transparency within the organization, opening lines of communication centered around performance development and driving engagement between managers and employees, which supports growth for all stakeholders.

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