Introducing 1:1 Coaching

April 23, 2024

Here at Truvelop, we believe that managers shape the employee experience. Managers are typically the leader that an employee works the most closely with and is who sets the tone around culture, communication, and ultimately their development. If a manager isn’t an effective leader, then they won’t be able to inspire their team to perform at their full potential and instead may face low engagement and turnover. To develop this potential gap, Truvelop is thrilled to announce their latest offering, 1:1 Coaching. 

Already, our managers receive Truvelop Tips, they’re invited to Lunch and Learns, and they receive customized toolkits each month. With that said, we know that everyone learns differently. Sometimes individual resources aren’t enough, and instead a manager may want personalized guidance to explore a specific scenario. That’s where our 1:1 Coaching comes into play. In a world being dominated by AI and technology, it’s a benefit to have a human interaction that explores the nuances and complexities of the workplace. The context is always important to employee development and basic resources can only take one so far.

With our new offering, managers can level-up their leadership competencies with personalized training. No matter where they are in their leadership journey, they can fine-tune their strengths and build up any growth areas to become the most effective and inspiring leader that they can be. Just imagine how impactful it would be if every single manager in your organization is competent and confident leader for their people.

We are really excited about this latest offering and are looking forward to working even more closely with our user community! Contact us today to learn more about our modern approach to performance management and development and how it solves for retention. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our Customers have to say.