Management Coaching

August 30, 2023

In most businesses, managers are bosses. They aren’t leaders and they certainly aren’t coaches.

What’s the difference?

Management is a task- and process-oriented role focused on supervising and getting things done. While coaching focuses on employee development.

Coaches provide employees with guidance and advice, are clear on expectations, and are able to challenge the status quo to see potential in their employees. According to a Gallup study, great managers are coaches who “focus on individual and team engagement, seeing their role as the provider of what employees need to succeed.”

Unfortunately, these studies also show that just 2 in 10 managers understand how to engage employees, develop their strengths, and set clear expectations through everyday conversations – in other words, serve as coaches. As shared by SHRM, “good coaching from managers leading to more-motivated and better-performing employees.”

Here are a few ways managers can develop as coaches:

  • Goals
    • Managers need to work with employees to establish goals, develop a plan to achieve those goals, revisit the goals frequently, and provide employees with resources to accomplish their goals.
  • Communication
    • Frequent, meaningful conversation with employees is critical to successful engagement and understanding barriers and opportunities.
  • Agility
    • We live in a fast-paced world so managers have to be able to pivot and adjust as needed to effectively guide employees through changes, expected and unexpected.

With Truvelop, managers have access to tools and insights to help them improve engagement with employees and develop as management coaches. Growing as a coach makes managers better leaders and helps foster a culture that values employee development and growth.

“Coaches understand, leverage and get great satisfaction from deploying the unique talents and strengths of each employee. Great managers are always developing and positioning talent to maximize outcomes, and they get extraordinary results from it,” shares Gallup.

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