Management Cue Cards

April 22, 2021

Evaluating team members means nothing if the data is not used to support them. When conducted as a routine exercise to meet company policy with no outcomes, employee assessments can become a burden and seemingly useless task for both employees and managers. According to Gallup, only 14% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them to improve.

While most companies use evaluations to determine promotions, raises and bonuses, evaluations are most valuable when used to foster professional development and team productivity and collaboration.

Gallup research suggests that teaching managers and employees to have more frequent, meaningful conversations about work expectations, progress and development improves engagement and performance.

Truvelop not only aggregates important data about each employee, it uses that data to inform managers how to effectively engage with the employee. The data collected can generate meaningful insights on the Team Member dashboard to help guide management strategies. These insights are supplemented by our Management Cue Cards and provide managers with suggested proactive management actions to increase engagement with team members.

Often times managers are not fully prepared or “trained” for management roles they are promoted into. Therefore, Truvelop’s Management Cue Cards can be helpful in the manager’s development as much as they help with employee development, providing prompts and indicators for the manager to consider and implement based on an employee’s score.

According to Truvelop customer, Carreen Kouts, Director of Human Resources for R2i, “the availability of manager resources within the Knowledge Center that provide coaching/talking points to allow for improved communication between managers and team members,” was an important reason for why R2i decided to partner with Truvelop.

Evaluation insights are provided for each employee based on their score. For example, an employee with a score of A+ is an exceptional contributor who scores high in both competence and character, representing a team’s top talent. This employee should be celebrated to reduce the risk of losing a team member who will surely attract attention from other organizations and recruiters.

Replacement cost for a high-performing team member can be extremely high and would represent a major loss to the organization. Investing in an A+ team member has a significant advantage in team member engagement, company morale, productivity and profitability.

Management Cue Cards would suggest several actions:

  • Let them know they are valued.
  • Share with them real-life examples of similarly skilled people and the career paths they took within the organization to ensure the team member sees a clear pathway to success.
  • Identify high visibility opportunities that put the team member in the sphere of influence of higher-ranking members of leadership in the organization.

Average performers require motivation and guidance from managers on where they should focus on improvement.

Management cue card actions could include:

  • Ask for their opinion on how to make something top rate or best in class. It’s important you act on their suggestions. Otherwise, their suggestions are meaningless.
  • Create a development plan that connects that individual’s motivational preferences with the Performance, Attitude and Maintenance targets you set for them.
  • Upon conclusion of a big project or deadline, ask them for feedback or suggestions on what can be done differently—individually or by the team—to really step it up.

Underperforming employees likely fill a role but offer no competitive advantage. To mitigate any risk associated with this employee, consider whether this team member is in the right role based on their skill set or motivation.

This team member should be placed on a performance development plan and their overall performance closely monitored against the agreed upon plan. Deadlines and realistic target dates for improvement are necessary. Unrealistic expectations will only lead to frustration for the manager and the team member.

Truvelop was designed to improve employee engagement, monitor employee performance and support professional growth for both the team member and the manager. Tools like Manager Cue Cards are critical to ensuring evaluations are productive and impactful.

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