Manager Reset

January 23, 2024

In January’s Lunch and Learn, 2024 Manager Reset, the focus was helping managers reset for the year ahead.  By reflecting on current skills and gaps, reviewing how to leverage the Team Member tab, and doing a live Talent Matrix Mapping exercise, the audience is able to get organized for 2024 and identify their best next steps to support and develop their teams.

As a leader, what you going to do differently in 2024? What skills are taking with you from 2023? What do you want to develop in the year ahead? As you consider your next steps, take the time to reflect how you’re currently doing as a manager. With our Manager Reflection Guide, you can determine what you’re already doing well and where you may have some gaps in your leadership skills.
When you’re ready, you can document your goals/commitments for the year ahead. By writing down your commitments, you can check-in with yourself periodically to assess for progress and see if there are any adjustments you’d like to make.
Being an effective leader doesn’t always come naturally, but there are absolutely skills that you can continue to work towards so that you’re able to inspire your team to perform at their full potential.
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