Managing Remote Teams During 2020’s New Normal

August 11, 2020

Companies large and small are embracing the new normal of managing remote workers (or a combination of remote and in-office employees) using performance management tools. As many of these companies are making the decision to stay remote for the rest of 2020, they are looking to technology to address the challenges associated with remote workforce management.

Our HR technology solution Truvelop was designed for just this – to help companies manage complex challenges. In fact, we have seen increased utilization of the Truvelop App across our customer base throughout this time.

Here are five reasons why Truvelop is proving successful:

  1. Responsive to the modern workforce – teams, projects, multi-generational, gig economy and remote workers
  2. Drives engagement, constructive feedback and development
  3. Delivers access to self-paced, micro-learning resources
  4. Facilitates real time feedback/recognition
  5. Managers are using current baseline evaluations to drive more effective, efficient development strategies to manage remote team members

Truvelop is working by driving productivity and increasing engagement between managers and employees — regardless of where the employee is working.

Truvelop’s agile HR performance management is both real time adaptive and responsive to today’s complex work environment and is easy for managers to use. Visit to learn more about how Truvelop can help you navigate the “new normal” of remote workforce management.