Mentoring Your Building Services Employees

July 19, 2023

According to Deloitte, nearly 75% of workers have experienced burnout in the past year. Employees are feeling overworked and undervalued – it’s time to refresh their perspective and support their wellbeing by fostering mentorships between managers and their direct reports.

Mentoring in the workplace is an established partnership between colleagues for thepurposes of learning and growth. Whether conducted as a 1:1 relationship or ina group, mentoring is a great way tofoster personal and professionaldevelopment, all while strengthening relationships in the workplace.

Mentorship is a good way to groomsuccessors as managers age out.It also provides a cohesiveness andcamaraderie that has a positive impacton productivity and safety.

Mentoring is all about learning and growth. Start by understanding your direct report’s personal and professional aspirations. Where do they see themselves in a year, 3 years, or 5 years? How can you help?

Mentoring isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice. It’s going to vary based on individual needs and employee learning preferences. Below are a few different examples of types of mentoring:

1:1 Mentoring: This is the traditional mentoring that typically comes to mind. One person is the ‘mentor’ and the other person is the ‘mentee’. The aim is for the mentor to coach, guide, and develop the mentee as they work towards achieving their goals.

Peer Mentoring: This mentorship is also 1:1.The participants may take turns acting as ‘mentor’ and ‘mentee’ or arrange sessions more fluidly. The aim is to share experiences and expertise, learn together and hold each other accountable.

Group Mentoring: This style of mentoring involves one mentor working with several mentees in a group. It is an effective way of up-skilling groups, building knowledge, and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and inclusion in your organization

Whether your employee prefers to learn 1:1 or in a group, mentoring can be a great way to engage your team, show investment in their development, and build stronger relationships along the way.

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