National Employee Appreciation Day

March 5, 2021

Today is National Employee Appreciation DayAccording to HR Daily Advisor, the #1 reason people change jobs is growth opportunities. Earlier this week, our Customer Success team shared recommendations with our customers on how to show appreciation to employees including prioritizing individual career growth and development 

As we enter a new month, it’s important to remind ourselves of the goals we set at the beginning of the year. As an organization, are you making progress towards those goals and are those goals providing employees with growth opportunities 

At Truvelop, we’re here to help companies improve manager and employee relationships by increasing touch pointspromoting real-time feedback, and focusing on development and upskilling opportunities 

Here are some of our recommendations for showing appreciation to your employees on this important day.  

  1. Share Recognition Publicly. Recognize team members publicly. Sharing praise and positive feedback across the organization allows all team members to participate in the recognition. Truvelop’s Recognition Wall encourages company-wide celebration of achievements in the workplace.  
  2. Adopt Proactive Management Habits. Give real-time feedback in the moment when it counts. Truvelop’s Spark functionality improves communication between managers and team members. Spark can be used to quickly capture an idea, observation, interaction, discussion, praise for a job well done or even a coaching moment which can be shared instantaneously with the team member.  
  3. Identify Development & Upskilling Opportunities. By adopting a continuous approach to performance management and development, individuals can easily identify strengths and opportunities for growth and development. With multiple data points to reference with employee performance tracking tools and trending, a team member’s performance over time becomes more efficient. This allows team members and managers to prioritize development and upskill opportunities consistently throughout the year.  

 We continue to face unpredictable factors in 2021; however, it’s important to consider what is predictable. In the podcast Can’t Let It Go, the hosts highlight how we grasp onto the things we can control and do methodically in the midst of uncertainty. NPR host Robert Smith, states “who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow in the stock market, with the pandemic, in politics – but I know what’s going to happen at noon,” referring to the curry he has made every day for lunch since the start of the pandemic.  

As an organization, what’s your curry? What reliable tools do you have to accomplish the goals your team and organization set out for 2021? 

Contact us today to learn more or send us an email at to schedule a demo to find out how your business can benefit from our industry-leading, modern approach to performance management and development.   


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