Navigating The Great Resignation

October 21, 2021

Organizations worldwide are facing the reality of ‘The Great Resignation’: a mass exodus of employees. The pandemic forced many organizations to adopt remote workforces for the first time. With this transition,  many employees are now exposed to a new sense of flexibility and opportunity. They are reevaluating what work really means to them and how they are valued.  

“Over 40% of U.S. workers are actively searching for a new job right now, or plan to soon…Almost half of U.S. executives (49%) said that in the past six months, their organization has seen higher or much higher turnover than usual, according to a recent SHRM survey. 

The Great Resignation is inevitable, but it does not have to be detrimental to your organization with the right techniques and tools. It is important for your Team Members to feel valued, recognized and encouraged. To avoid the rippling effects of mass turnover, consider the following: 

  • Intrinsic Motivation to Build Engagement: Utilizing Self-Determination theory will encourage Team Members without any external influences which will only increase employee engagement.  
  • Internal Talent MobilityYour Team Members are already taking on new roles and responsibilities to help with the open positions, so framing this as a growth opportunity, or an opportunity to develop transferable skills, can be a great way to keep Team Members engaged.  
  • Prioritize the Employee Experience: Team Members want to feel valued and recognized; invest in their wellbeing. Have those meaningful development conversations and develop a strong Manager-Employee relationship to foster employee retention.  

Team Members need to be reminded that their work and contribution to the organization outweighs the stress the pandemic has caused. Appreciation and gratitude can go a long way. The workforce will never be the same, so Managers need to consider their approach and create more meaningful touchpoints, show investment in the employee’s long-term development, and provide support and encouragement along the way. 

The adjustment may be daunting, but Truvelop values our customers’ needs and strive to make their job easier. Truvelop provides a comprehensive performance management tool for engaging employees and teams by fostering ongoing communication that can help managers motivate their employees, encourage employees to expand their skill set, and recognize employee/team successes. 

In Truvelop’s How to Navigate The Great Resignation e-book, we discuss the severity of ‘The Great Resignation’, how to adjust your coaching culture during this time, as well as how Truvelop can create the best possible experience for your Team members.   

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