March 23, 2021

For extroverts, or those who rely on networking to succeed in their jobs, the pandemic has been a challenge to maneuver, requiring creativity to make new connections. As every business and organization has had to pivot to a virtual world, the annual calendar of events is no longer relevant, making it difficult to identify opportunities for speaking engagements, or knowing who will be attending what event.

With an intentional plan of action, you can leverage your network, discover new opportunities and build a network despite COVID restrictions.

An article published in Fast Company last spring shares 8 ways to network from home including:

  • Determine your networking goals and then figure out how you can accomplish them digitally. For example, maybe you have a goal to do more public speaking, and you have a friend who is experienced in this area and would be willing to have a Zoom call with you to talk about how to be a successful speaker.
  • Take note of your most key relationships (for example, your mentors and mentees) and send them each a note asking how they are doing, how you can be helpful, and their preferred method and cadence for staying in touch during this time. Then stay in touch that way with each person.

As restrictions lift and warm weather returns, invite contacts who are ready to meet you for coffee or lunch as you would have pre-COVID. Or plan a small group happy hour at a local park.

If you are attending a virtual event, take note of who else is attending if you can see all the participants and make note of who you would like to meet or reconnect with. Send them an email after the event with an insight or comment about the event and invite them to connect 1:1 via zoom.

Leverage your LinkedIn network and post an open invite to connect with people, or look for contacts that are part of virtual networking groups, and ask if you can attend an upcoming meeting.

If you like speaking engagements to build your network, and aren’t having luck securing any, write a few articles for LinkedIn or start a blog. If your thought leadership is relevant and of interest, with the right hashtags and engagement tactics, you can build recognition with content instead of a big event.

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